The Ecological Fractal Network

We are biologists interested in understanding how biodiversity and the benefits it provides to people change across space and through time. We’ve grouped together to make a network of sites collecting common data to answer key questions about the world around us. We currently have >25 sites in our network - perhaps you would like to join?

We’re a mix of researchers in different fields (ecology, evolution, statistics, and social science) who love to collaborate. We have a fundamental question our network seeks to address - the extent to which diversity is homogenous across environmental gradients - but we’re open to using the network to ask additional questions.

Maybe you would like to join us? If so, you could download our one-page summary, find out more about our sampling protocol, or fill in our ten-second sign-up form.


06. July 2021

Over 25 sites joined the network! And new steering committee members Amanda Gallinat!

19. May 2021

Initiative launched on Twitter

02. February 2021

First version of the webpage is up! So shiny!

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